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    Assistant Patient Services Accountant
    (3 - 8 yrs.)
    United Arab Emirates - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Assistant Patient Services Accountant ,Accountant, Healthcare, claim
    Role Purpose: We are looking for Assistant Patient Services Accountant Key Responsibilities of the role Corresponding Key Activities performed by the role Claims Submission • Editing the claim for each insured patient and making appropriate corrections prior to claim submissions • Creating the claim batch and entering each claim into the claim batch • Obtaining appropriate approval for submission • Preparing and submitting the account statement and claims to the insurance payer Claim Documentation Ensuring upkeep and maintenance of the claim documentation data using the prescribed IT system Reporting Providing statistical data and reporting on monthly and adhoc basis for management and key departments as per instruction from Manager/Senior Accountant/Accountant Maintaining and reporting claims processing data for instance, reports on 'daily claims processed’, ‘daily claims submitted’, ‘claims missing report’ and ‘daily exempted category’ Reviewing the issued invoices against claims received back from guarantor Assisting in ensuring the smooth working of the department/section Acting as back up in the absence of Accountant Assisting in any other relevant task that may be assigned Providing customer service and support Responding to verbal and written financial inquiries related with claims in a timely manner Discussing with Manager/Senior Accountant/Accountant before recommending solutions after obtaining and verifying information Contributing to team effort Participating in cross-functional teams and committees as appropriate

    Training And development Officer
    (2 - 4 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Training And development Officer, Training & Development, Training Officer
    Role Purpose: • Understanding computers programs and systems • Appropriately using internal resources when questions/requests arise • • Verifying accuracy of information, understanding and effectively communicating the need for information based on policy and procedures • Taking responsibility for ensuring the monitoring and recording of the services sickness and absence and annual leave of the department and submit monthly reports to the Manager Ensuring verbal and written training enquiries are answered in a timely manner • Providing technical expertise in identifying potential issues in training and development • Delivering solutions to simpler issues facing the employees and presenting complex issues to Senior Officer • Maintaining, monitoring and reporting monthly to the Senior Officer the allocated budget for the learning and development plan and the budget allocation for the organizational development services so as to ensure financial resources are properly allocated and accounted for • Producing a monthly report for the Manager under the guidance of Senior Officer on learning and development undertaken by facility staff as and when required Producing learning and development activity reports as required for management purposes • Following-up regarding missing documentation or any other work that requires attention • Ensuring support in the design, co-ordination, production and training of staff in relation to the learning needs analysis process to identify learning and development needs and participate in the planning, organization and production of the annual facility learning and development plans • Providing consulting services to Mangers related to career development of employees • Managing the effective administration, organization evaluation and audit of management training, leadership and supervisory activities • Preparing in conjunction with the Manager’s yearly individual career development plans • Responding to verbal and written enquiries in a timely manner • Providing technical expertise in matters related to training and development • Delivering solutions to simpler issues facing the employees and presenting complex issues to the seniors • Providing statistical data and reporting on monthly and adhoc basis for management and key departments as per instruction from Senior Office Participating in team efforts as required • Collaborating with other members of the team to carry out work smoothly Technical Attributes: • Excel Skills Required: o Lookup formulas o Pivots & Reporting o Dynamic Dashboards creation o Creating charts • PowerPoint Skills: • Creating Business Presentations o MS Visio – Flowcharts o Data Analysis on Performance Management System and Surveys o Daily reporting o Preferred: Experience in Learning, Training or Development o Preferred: Ability to present – PowerPoints and have knowledge of adult learning skills o Oracle system o IT background Behavioural Attributes: • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal • Adaptable, Flexible and a Team player

    Senior Project Manager
    (5 - 10 yrs.)
    Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: PMP, Strategy, Senior Project Manager, Project Management, Project Planning, Project Coordination, Project Engineering
    Role Purpose: Job Description 1.Develop Project Management standards, policies and processes needed to identify, define, combine, unify, standardize and coordinate activities within the Project Management Process 2. Conduct project feasibility studies and reviews to assess their alignment with strategic plan and provide the necessary recommendations to Head of Strategy and Organizational Excellence 3. Assist in the development of project’ scopes and objectives and project action plans, to ensure relevant stakeholders are involved and technical feasibility is achieved 3.4. Support assigned Project Managers in the implementation of projects according to set the standards and processes, and follow up on the documentation, project plan and progress reports, execution of the plan and reporting of the progress. 4.5. Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects 5. Assist in the development of project’ scopes and objectives, to ensure relevant stakeholders are involved and technical feasibility is achieved 6. Communicate the project progress reports and the recommendations of any project to the relevant project committee 7. Assist project committees in reviewing all required changes in a project scope, schedule or costs and provide the necessary recommendations based on the appropriate verification techniques 8. Prepare periodical PMP reports including risk assessments, blockages, budgeting adherance and recommendations 9. Review the quality of project delivery and its effectiveness as per set the Policies and Processes Procedures 10. Assist in the preparation of strategic initiatives status reports PMP Certification Arabic National Must be for Financial Services 5 years experience

    Assistant Business Editor
    (2 - 8 yrs.)
    UAE - United Arab Emirates
    Keywords: Assistant Business Editor, Business editor, Editor, Deputy editor
    Role Purpose: Job Purpose & Scope: The Assistant Business Editor assists the section head in overseeing the commissioning and editing of all content for all platforms and publishing online. The section’s deputy must also monitor external sources of content including agencies, press releases, other news outlets to identify and flag coverage opportunities. Job Responsibilities: Assists the Section Editor in directing content. In doing so, the section’s Deputy Editor: Enforces standard editing procedures and house style and follows the paper's approved Style book Keeps abreast of, and responds to, local and regional developments relating to sector coverage Participates in daily planning sessions and helps maintain an ongoing story list for the day's coverage Assists in assigning stories with clear direction to serve multi-platform expectations, clear deadline, and word count Assists in reviewing all incoming content to ensure the assigning brief is covered. Returns content to reporter if further revision are needed Maintains the story list in order of priority so senior editors can make well-informed print decisions. Liaise with them toward story selection for print Ensures the production of balanced and fair content with consideration of cultural sensitivities while avoiding legal pitfalls. Ensures that all section staff are being as efficient and productive as possible Copy edit for clarity and style and post stories online with SEO-friendly headlines, tagging, and additional links. Helps upload content online Develops a strong digital profile for the sector ensuring that content and form are authoritative, relevant and conducive to driving traffic Ensures focus is given to digital products by cross-promoting content and promoting content via social media Focuses on meeting digital targets as set by the Head of Digital Strategy through directing editors and writers to focus on topics that trigger positive online metrics for The company. Ensures content is relevant and available for the print cycle. Liaises with senior editors to fulfill slotting requirements for print Initiates or replies to correspondence regarding material published or being considered for publication Assists in managing freelance and travel costs within assigned budgets Is involved in the development and coaching of all staff in the section Attends all staff meetings Leads special projects as mandated by the Editor-in-Chief Upholds and respects the social, cultural and moral standards of life in the UAE as well as the political and strategic national direction. Guides staff under his/her supervision to avoid circumstances in which the brand could be brought into disrepute and to respect the custodianship of IMI and its constituents Is fully responsible for the section in the section editor's absence
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